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What IS a Warre Hive?

For starters, the name comes from the developer, a French Abbe, Emil Warre. He did the majority of his work in the early 1900's, passing away in 1951. From a beekeeping standpoint his work is fairly recent. His thought process was simple: Build a hive that mimics the inside of a log, install the bees and get out of the way. His secondary goal was to construct this hive in the most inexpensiv…

Why I raise Honeybees

I have been in sales most of my adult life. I have sold some really innovative products, and I've been asked to represent some products that were.. shall we say.. less than innovative. I have now placed myself squarely into the arena of "selling" the concept of raising Honeybees. Can you imagine (the late) Billy Mays pitching this product? "That's right, you too can have a wooden box full of…